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Complementary services

The Best of Montenegro (TBoM) team is dedicated to providing the best services which are complementary to our premium lifestyle and investment opportunities. Having said that, we are offering following services, with help of our strategic partners and on your specific request:

  Investment consierge

In order to enable and facilitate your investment decision process, provide the support once the decision to invest has been made or help you during your post-investment activities, TBoM team can organize the necessary logistics and support in the form of investment specific studies and research, financial services, administration and legal advice.


Whether you need to ride in style or to merely satisfy your business and everyday needs, TBoM team offers a plethora of high-end transportation options. You choose which route you are using, water, air or ground. We have most prestigious yachts and sail boats, jet planes, and luxury automobiles, all of which can be used for transfers, chartered or even bought.


When in Montenegro, do not waste time, look for best and most authentic experience. Should you need help to find your way to the best restaurants, unique beach or a beach club, adrenalin adventure in the nature, entertainment venue or major event, you only have to ask and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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