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Besides the opportunities available on this platform, we have extended portfolio of investment opportunities, including green and brown field opportunities that can be valorized though different models such as acquisiton, long-term lease and public-private partnership. If you have a particular interest to acquire a hotel (new or old), build a resort or a commercial center, or become a partner of Government of Montenegro, we are here to make it happen.

Besides real estate and tourism, Montenegro posses tremendeous investment potential in areas of agriculture, energy, infrastructure, industrial production and natural recourses.

Gray International can help you find and realise the investment opportunity fit for your business and the respective industry, whether it pertains to food production, renewable energy, natural resources exploitation or contracting the job on infrastructural government projects. You can assume the role of investor, co-investor, logistics support, project management or the sub-contractor, it all depends on your goals and possiblities.

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